Admission and Tuition


Tuition maybe charged monthly or annually. (5% discount if paid annually)

Paid Monthly– $880.00 (total of $8800 annually)

Paid Annually– $8360.00 (includes 5% discount)

Part-time: Please call for information about part-time options. Rates differ based on number of days requested.

Note: This is a 20 hour per week preschool. When comparing programs to see what is  best for your child, take into consideration how many hours your children are learning. Based on the Bellevue School District of 194 days our hourly rate is $11.34/hr. We offer a sibling discount of 5%.


We operate from 9am-1pm five days a week and follow the Bellevue School District schedule. The form included is all the paperwork needed for admission into Garden Ridge Preschool.

Upon admission we request parents sign and agree to our Health and Safety and Dismissal policies.   Those policies are not included in our enrollment forms.   To protect your child’s privacy please print the following forms and bring them to the school.

Link to forms:  GRP Registration and Enrollment